Pro-Bono Presentation Options for Organizations on a Shoestring (or Zero) Budget

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The seminars, keynotes and breakout sessions I present are sought after because of their high ROI. One lab session can lead to cutting $10,000 of lost productivity time over the course of one year for just one team member. Imagine multiplying that savings when you have multiple team members participate.

Unfortunately, not all organizations have been able to budget funds for a high quality presenter - a subject matter expert and experienced instructional designer with interactive presentation (onsite or virtual) skills.

If your organization is in that predicament, I offer pro-bono services for these types of events:


*fundraiser for an organization (e.g., an association charging participants $100-$200 per person to raise money for a charity)


*private class for the clients of a charity (e.g., the clients/patients served by Alpha Home, Dress for Success, Fairweather Family Lodge, etc.)


*a professional development session for a business, organization or school gifted by a client paying full fee for a seminar (Note: Don't wait for that business to find you; find them!)


*a chapter of MPI


*a minimum purchase of 100 books by an organization (the books can be gifted to their participants and clients or sold to raise funds)


*a fully customized seminar including resources and aftercare for up to 75 participants in exchange for professionally-shot, two-camera video (ex:


*serving as a member of a facilitated panel during a lunch and learn event

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