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Time management workshops can range from ninety minutes to three hours to a full day, depending on the needs and goals of your company, school, organization or conference. Helene can bring one of these popular concurrent session topics to your location, or she can create a custom time management workshop for you.

Popular time management workshops from The Inefficiency AssassinTM include:


*Kick Chaos to the Curb: Time Management Strategies to Help You Kick Butt and Take Names

*How Should You Really Use Your Time? The 5 Keys to Controlling Your Work Day

*Ten Biggest Productivity Mistakes and How to  Avoid Them

*Paperless Society: Liar, Liar Pants on Fire! How to Manage the Onslaught

*LOL / TTL / [S P A M]: How to Slay the Electronic Dragon

*Zen-baya: How to Create a Productive Space

*90 minute “Lunch and Learn” productivity workshop in your conference room

The Inefficiency Assassin’s Guide to Work-Life Balance

Working Productively in Your Pajamas: Being Effective in a Home Office

How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur and Still Have a Life

Time Management Workshop – Power Training for Women



ROAD MAP to Get Organized: How to create a successful plan

How to Have Better Sex (This is a catchier title for the workshop “Discover Your Thinking, Learning and Working Styles to Get Your Business Back on Track” – we won’t really talk about sex. That much.)

Quick background check: What’s your cover?

ROAD MAP to Get Organized

You get the idea!

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