Raise Revenue for Your Non-Profit Organization

Host a book sale. Purchase Helene’s books at her author’s price of $8.50 from the publisher and sell them at any rate that you choose at your event.


The retail price of The Inefficiency Assassin is $16.95. The minimum purchase is 20 books (total of $170, which includes shipping to your physical address). 20 books sold @ $15 each = $130 profit ($15 is an example; you decide on your price)

Offer a workshop. This can take place before or after your main event, depending on Helene’s flight schedule. Example: “Upgrade your knowledge! For $99, you can attend a pre-event seminar!

  *During her 60-minute workshop, she’ll teach you [enter take-aways here depending on topic]

  *Your ticket for lunch is included, so stay for networking and her main presentation!”   If you’re   purchasing Helene’s books for your event, you can include the offer of a personalized autographed copy. Helene provides all learning and activities materials for this event. Your cost is $250 for up to 50 participants. 10 participants = $740 for your organization after Helene’s fee ($99 is an example; you decide on your price)


Sell an upgraded ticket to your event. Offer some benefits in which your people might be interested. Example: “Upgrade your ticket! For $39, you’ll enjoy these bonuses!

*Attend a VIP meet and greet/Q&A session with Helene from 11:15 AM to 12:00 PM (45 minutes before your event) *An autographed copy of The Inefficiency Assassin: Time Management Tactics for Working Smarter, Not Longer by Helene Segura

*First choice of seating at the luncheon *Your ticket for lunch is included, so stay for networking and her main presentation! Hurry! These special upgraded tickets must be purchased by ___________!” (10 business days before the event)               

You can also include some of your own products or tools which would not only be a great resource for your attendees, but a wonderful marketing opportunity for you as well. The minimum purchase is 20 books (total of $170, which includes shipping to your physical address). 20 participants = $610 for your organization after the cost of books ($39 is an example; you decide on your price)


Participate in a revenue-share webinar sale. Helene’s entire webinar suite includes 43 webinars with 10+ hours of content. Helene will give you 50% of the revenue raised during a “flash sale” just for your group.


Secure a sponsor. Find a business that shares the same demographic as your audience and allow them to advertise at your event. Example: “Become a platinum sponsor! Your sponsorship will include:               

  *Two tickets to the “meet & greet” event so you can network with our attendees and gain knowledge from our speaker                

  *Introduction of you and your guest, plus up to three minutes for a pre-recorded video to showcase your company                

  *You will be spotlighted in front of our entire event when you do the honors of introducing our speaker                

  *The promotional material you provide will be placed at every attendee’s seat” You can add additional benefits like a booth or table. You can also have different levels of sponsorship. If your sponsor purchases books for your attendees, Helene can sign the books at your sponsor’s table – which gives your sponsor even more visibility.


Use this event as a membership drive. Combine lunch, a mind-bending presentation, and membership for one year into one package price! You’ll get the attendance to cover expenses, plus you just might increase membership! You set your price; you keep the revenue.     If your contract includes Helene being present for meet and greet activities the evening before your conference and/or during breakfast and/or during lunch:

*Sell tickets to a private event. Offer attendees the chance to have cocktails, breakfast and/or lunch with Helene and pick her brain in a private Q&A. You set your price; you keep the revenue.


Hopefully the ideas listed here will get your brain a-churnin’ with other revenue generating ideas. What bonuses would your attendees love to benefit from?

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