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Raise Revenue for Your Non-Profit Organization

Host a book sale. Purchase Helene’s books at her author’s price of $8.50 from the publisher and sell them at any rate that you choose at your event. The retail price of The Inefficiency Assassin is $16.95. The minimum purchase is 20 books (total of $170, which includes shipping to your physical address). 20 books sold @ $15 each = $130 profit ($15 is an example; you decide on your price)   *Offer a workshop. This can take place before or after your main event, depending on Helene’s flight schedule. Example: “Upgrade your knowledge! For $99, you can attend a pre-event seminar!

               *During her 60-minute workshop, she’ll teach you [enter take-aways here depending on topic]

               *Your ticket for lunch is included, so stay for networking and her main presentation!”   If you’re purchasing Helene’s books for your event, you can include the offer of a personalized autographed copy. Helene provides all learning and activities materials for this event. Your cost is $250 for up to 50 participants. 10 participants = $740 for your organization after Helene’s fee ($99 is an example; you decide on your price)   *Sell an upgraded ticket to your event. Offer some benefits in which your people might be interested. Example: “Upgrade your ticket! For $39, you’ll enjoy these bonuses! *Attend a VIP meet and greet/Q&A session with Helene from 11:15 AM to 12:00 PM (45 minutes before your event) *An autographed copy of The Inefficiency Assassin: Time Management Tactics for Working Smarter, Not Longer by Helene Segura *First choice of seating at the luncheon *Your ticket for lunch is included, so stay for networking and her main presentation! Hurry! These special upgraded tickets must be purchased by ___________!” (10 business days before the event)                You can also include some of your own products or tools which would not only be a great resource for your attendees, but a wonderful marketing opportunity for you as well. The minimum purchase is 20 books (total of $170, which includes shipping to your physical address). 20 participants = $610 for your organization after the cost of books ($39 is an example; you decide on your price)   *Participate in a revenue-share webinar sale. Helene’s entire webinar suite includes 43 webinars with 10+ hours of content. Helene will give you 50% of the revenue raised during a “flash sale” just for your group.     *Secure a sponsor. Find a business that shares the same demographic as your audience and allow them to advertise at your event. Example: “Become a platinum sponsor! Your sponsorship will include:                *Two tickets to the “meet & greet” event so you can network with our attendees and gain knowledge from our speaker                *Introduction of you and your guest, plus up to three minutes for a pre-recorded video to showcase your company                *You will be spotlighted in front of our entire event when you do the honors of introducing our speaker                *The promotional material you provide will be placed at every attendee’s seat” You can add additional benefits like a booth or table. You can also have different levels of sponsorship. If your sponsor purchases books for your attendees, Helene can sign the books at your sponsor’s table – which gives your sponsor even more visibility.   *Use this event as a membership drive. Combine lunch, a mind-bending presentation, and membership for one year into one package price! You’ll get the attendance to cover expenses, plus you just might increase membership! You set your price; you keep the revenue.     If your contract includes Helene being present for meet and greet activities the evening before your conference and/or during breakfast and/or during lunch: *Sell tickets to a private event. Offer attendees the chance to have cocktails, breakfast and/or lunch with Helene and pick her brain in a private Q&A. You set your price; you keep the revenue.     Hopefully the ideas listed here will get your brain a-churnin’ with other revenue generating ideas. What bonuses would your attendees love to benefit from?   Please set up some phone time with Helene so you can generate ideas that will work best for your organization!]]>