Revenue Ideas

Offer event sponsorships. The generated fees can help offset your expenses. Here's a sample package:

Become a platinum sponsor! Your sponsorship will include:         

  • Two tickets to the “meet & greet” event so you can network with our attendees       
  • Introduction of you and your guest, plus up to three minutes for a pre-recorded video or live presentation to showcase your company.
  • Two tickets to the “Breakfast Q&A” session so you can network with our attendees
  • Introduction of you and your guest        
  • You will be showcased in front of our entire event when you do the honors of introducing our speaker          
  • The promotional material you provide will be included in every attendee welcome packet

You can add additional benefits like a booth or table. You can also have different levels of sponsorship.

Purchase Helene’s book at a discounted price and sell them as a part of a “super package.”

Example: “Upgrade your ticket! For $57, you will receive these bonuses!

  • An autographed copy of The Inefficiency Assassin: Time Management Tactics for Working Smarter, Not Longer by Helene Segura


  • Helene Segura’s Productivity Kickstarter Kit, which includes:


  • the time management templates she uses with her clients


  • a podcast on how to create time for exercise and healthy living


  • a webinar on how to avoid procrastination


  • checklists for road warriors     


  • and more!

Helene will provide the Productivity Kickstarter Kit free of charge. You can also include some of your own products or tools which would not only be a great resource for your attendees, but a wonderful marketing opportunity for you as well.

Use this event as a membership drive. Combine lunch, a mind-bending workshop, and membership for one year into one package price! You’ll get the attendance to cover expenses, plus you just might increase membership!

Participate in a revenue-share webinar sale. Helene’s entire webinar suite includes 43 webinars with 10+ hours of content. Helene will give you 50% of the profit during a “flash sale” just for your group.

Co-host this event. Team up with other entities (chambers, businesses, schools, organizations, etc.). You’ll share the expenses and the revenue from tickets

Hopefully the ideas listed here will get your brain a-churnin’ with other revenue generating ideas.

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