ROAD MAP to Get Organized – travel photos

ROAD MAP to Get Organized. The lessons learned from her traveling adventures can be used to simplify your life and get organized. Some early “beta testers” of the book asked if there was a way to see photos from the journeys she mentioned. Easily done! Below are links to her photo books from her travels. After the photo book link opens, click on “Preview Book” to see all of the pages. For a full screen view, click on the four grey arrows in lower right hand corner. Camino de Santiago Peru Germany Italy Ireland Turkey Paris   Buen Camino!   Do you need some travel tips? Get organized for travel! Check out Helene’s blog and YouTube channel. Here are some popular posts: How can a solopreneur go on vacation? How can a solopreneur go on vacation (part 2)? General tips for budget travelers in Paris General tips for travel in Peru   Here are some favorite videos: How to plan for travel How to pack for travel How to get back to reality after a trip     ]]>