Email Best Practices at Work


Outside of picking up the phone and calling someone in order to prevent a lengthy, time-consuming email thread, the subject line and the format of the body are the fundamental keys to immediately improving email efficiency. Subject Line State the purpose, content and any deadline for action or response. It should be clear to the…

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How to Recover from an Email Crash

Have you ever experienced an email outage? Whether your business lives and dies by electronic communication, or you’re retired but enjoy your connection to the outside world through email, experiencing an email crash is no picnic. This was the case for me starting on January 30th. For three days, I could send out emails, but…

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Email vs Text – Which is better?

Which is better – email or text? I had a friendly little debate on this topic with a good friend of mine. We’re both nerds, so what do nerds do over glasses of wine in between snack time and dinner time? Why, we debate which is better – email or text. This whole discussion started…

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