Target Audience for Time Management Strategies


Top notch event planners and meeting planners seek out motivational speakers and speakers on time management strategies who are a good fit for their audiences. So, who will benefit the most from The Inefficiency Assassin's productivity strategies?

Any conference or profession that needs assistance with increasing efficiency and learning time management strategies in order to increase revenue is the perfect audience.


Employees who are stressed out at work and tired of spinning their wheels are another key audience.


Professionals on the go soak this stuff up!


independent sales consultants


business owners

franchise owners



insurance industry / insurance agents

direct sales industry

managers and directors

They need it and love it. They have a passion for what they’re doing; they just need help behind the scenes so they can manage it all. Helene Segura delivers that help!


Teachers – They’re sick of speakers who promise blah, blah, blah, so they usually walk in expecting empty promises. They leave with hope – and an action plan – instead!

Helene Segura will speak to any size audience for keynotes, but she loves speaking to groups of 250 or less for workshops because she's able to walk around the room and get a little more personal.



Helpful Codes:

TEA Provider Number: 902057


541614 - Efficiency management (i.e., efficiency expert) consulting services


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