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* Weekly time planner – Download here: TEACH Week Time Management Weekly Planner-Template You can use this form to help you plan for the future or journal your past to see where you can improve. I utilize this valuable tool while coaching my clients. This is the same one I refer to in my book, Less Stress for Teachers.   * Daily time planner – Download here: TEACH Week Time Management Daily Planner-Template You can use this form to help you plan for the future or journal your past to see where you can improve. This is the one-day-at-a-time version of the above template.   *A virtual book study  – If you’re worried about finding time to read Less Stress for Teachers: More Time & An Organized Classroom, click here to get virtual nudges!   * Download: #1 Time Saver Tip.   *Webinar on How to Avoid Procrastination: Complimentary download here Once you go through the shopping cart (you still need to do this, even though it’s free), you’ll receive instructions for how to download the Revizzit app onto your device (laptop or tablet) and view the webinar. You can have 24/7 access to this webinar on up to three of your devices.   *   If you work for a school district or campus that accepts reading a book as professional development, you can receive a certificate after reading Less Stress for Teachers. View details here.   * For professionals on the go – 30 days to better time management: Two-minute audio tip daily for one month. Get details here! Whether you’re a teacher, own your own business, or work for a company, these daily tips will help you learn how to create balance in your life. Use coupon code worklife29 during checkout to receive 70% off!     *Project Management Planner: Complimentary download here This is the spreadsheet that I use with clients and workshop attendees to plan out long term (one week to several years) projects so that you cut back on last minute “emergencies”.   * Audio Interview – [audio mp3="https://www.helenesegura.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/My-Fit-School-time-management-interview-Carol-Frazey-interviews-Helene-Segura.mp3"][/audio] I was asked by Carol Frazey of The Fit School, Inc., to help her marathon and half-marathon trainees get organized so they’d have time to work out. While you may not be training for a marathon, you could possibly benefit from the techniques I talk about for creating priorities and eating healthy. The interview is approximately 35 minutes long.   *Audio Interview – Click here for access Debi Davis hosts “Mind Your Own Business,” a one-hour radio program for business owners broadcast on WLOB radio in Maine. During the 25-minute interview, we had a great chat about the time management challenges that business owners and busy professionals face. We also discussed the different learning and thinking styles that can affect how we work, and how we work with others – which can definitely help teachers, too!     *Helpful time management tips: How a Post-It Note can improve your focus Make better decisions about your time by defining happiness 5 questions to improve your focus Remember: Time management is all about mind management. Work smarter, not longer.       * Packing list – Download here: Packing Checklist for Carry On Only – 2 pg detailed This is the packing list I share with my clients when they travel for business or pleasure. Be sure to add on your own supplies/equipment specific to your needs. Even though I travel often and (in theory) should have my supplies memorized, I always rely on my checklist to make sure I never forget anything. I need my brain space for other thoughts!     * Checklist: What to do at home before departing for trip – Download here: Checklist – House Departure – Travel Just like my packing list, I utilize this checklist to make sure I don’t forget to do something to get my house travel ready. The last thing I want to do is get on a plane thinking, “Did I…?”   * Get your VIP Time Management Package! 

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(Click here for details!)     Enjoy your Productivity Kick-Starter Kit! Here are some additional resources just for teachers:  
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