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Testimonials for Time Management Keynotes, Training and Breakout Sessions

Evangelia Zouras_testimonial_Helene Segura time management training

"Fellow Chairs,

I have had the pleasure of watching and observing Helene for 2 straight days. I have to say that I will definitely bring her back.


  • has sustained energy throughout the whole day
  • she walks around and stops at the tables to engage them and get them to actually apply, right then and there, her strategies....and she continually does this the entire day...not just once per table
  • she adds humor to her presentation
  • she is very aware of staying on time and keeps everyone on track
  • She ends at 4 pm and does NOT try to rush in the afternoon to leave early
  • she enjoys answering questions from attendees after the day is done...instead of running out the door in front of attendees while saying she has to catch a plane
  • She is very professional and really works hard all day to make sure all of the attendees are very happy they came.

I will bring her back now that I know who she is and how she works. I think she is wonderful!

PS She got almost all 7s.  Who ever found her did a fabulous job."

Evangelia Zouras, Chairman, New Jersey and New York Regions
IMS - The Institute For Management Studies


"Helene helped me to identify exactly how much available time I have in a given work day. I shifted meetings to afternoons so that I can use my most productive morning hours for my priorities. Helene used a variety of media, she kept the audience moving. The entire presentation was enjoyable. I enjoyed working with Helene very much. She was on time, professional and fun! I would highly recommend Helene for future events."
-Grace Pizzey, Vice President Finance at Holaday Parks / President of CFMA Puget Sound, Seattle, WA


"Helene’s simple tools provided guidance on how to run effective business meetings. This alone will save me hours every day!"

-Jill Wineman, General Manager, Scotts Bluff Country Club, Scottsbluff, NE


"Time management is a constant battle….Awesome engagement from Helene. Held my attention the entire time!"

-Brad Roberson, Vice President, Texas Business Buyers


"I was very impressed and intrigued by your Keynote presentation on “Kick Chaos to the Curb.”  After talking with numerous [FASPA] folks from all over the state, just about everyone feels the same way between the work load we all carry, considering cut backs and time constraints, I am confident I was not the only one that found your presentation to be inspirational….After being so motivated during your “Kick Chaos to the Curb” and “Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!” presentations, I was excited to share the concept of having you inspire our folks in Charlotte County. I am excited about this possibility and look forward to hearing back from you!"
-Jane Curran, In-Service Specialist, Charlotte County Public Schools, Florida

"Helene, we received great reviews from our members regarding your presentation. Some feel in their case it was life changing. Thank you so much for the time you spent with us!"
-Carolyn Hevey, President, FASPA (Florida Association of School Personnel Administrators), Tampa, Florida


"I found I was really surprised by the pitfalls of being a mega multi-tasker. I have started making a running list of everything that I need to get done and crossing them off one by one. Instead of trying to do multiple things at once and feeling like I never accomplish anything. I have found sticking to one task at a time, I get it done faster, and seeing my list get red lines through items, makes me realize I am accomplishing more than I gave myself credit for."
-Leah Munoz, CFO/KL MGR, Nickey Petroleum, CFN Participant Conference, New Orleans, LA

Sharon Parten Fowler

"I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did today, to help me make it to the finish line for our family reunion next week, and also for my dissertation!

Thanks to your guidance and tutelage, I was able to submit my (salvaged!) dissertation signature page successfully and happily this afternoon, to request the signature of our dean - exciting! - so this is feeling very real today, Helene!

Thank you again, so very much, for all your help in these various ways - including document salvage - of a different kind! - today! (Not to be confused with all the rest that you've done over the years to rescue me: document location and re-location, other document herding, document recycling, document trashing, etc., etc.)

I truly appreciate all your kind and most-excellent help in my life and journey, Helene: bless you!"

- Sharon Fowler, soon-to-be Ph.D


"Thank you so much for speaking at the ADCAT Conference.  Your session got rave reviews and was a real eye opener!  I have already read a few chapters of your book and already feel like I am getting more done. Awareness is everything.

I also wanted to thank you so much for working with us to come up with a fee that our association could afford.  It was greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten.  You have our full endorsement and we are happy to distribute any materials you like to our mailing list or assist you in any way to get the word out about your great program.

Thanks again and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the near future!"

-Blanca Laborde, Legal and Government Relations Consultant, Executive Director of ADCAT



"We have received excellent feedback already for our luncheon on Wednesday. Everyone seemed to love Helene’s energy as well as enjoy her presentation. I have received a few emails from people stating they benefited greatly from her time efficiency presentation.

She truly was a joy to have and the board members and members that were able to meet her and speak with her were quite pleased.

She made sure we had everything we needed and the event overall was a tremendous success! I can’t thank her enough for taking the time to come out here and work with us so graciously with everything.
Thank you for your recommendation, we would love to have her up again."

-Sasha Fleenor, BSA Officer, Scottsbluff, NE


"Thank you again for your funny and engaging presentation at the Boerne Business Conference. You were most definitely a 'hit' with the attendees! I hope that we will be able to have you back soon for a more in depth workshop."

-Barbara Hooks, Director of Programs and Events, Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce


"Helene was wonderful! She made me actually think about the number of minutes I was wasting in a day with distractions, like checking my phone."

-Sunny Chambless, Project REP Program Coordinator, University of West Alabama

"I’ve thought about you so often since we worked together last (school) year! Your time, encouragement, support, help…everything, still mean so much to me…. I have been reading your book for teachers more this summer and am reminded of what I can and cannot do and what is and is not my responsibility. As I mentioned, your words and encouragement help me. I have worked on purging paper and other items and writing out possible schedules for the coming school year….
I so hope that you can feel my respect and appreciation for you from Virginia! I wish you all the best!"

-Erika, Teacher, Virginia


"I felt the same way that your client did in your story! I didn’t have time to think about time management. I loved your presentation. Brought attention to major deficits with my daily schedule. Clear, precise strategies that are easily implemented into anyone’s schedule."

-Laurie Broesche, Owner, NexMov, LLC

"I felt very overwhelmed with how to get a hold of my priorities and manage my time, but Helene’s framework helped me understand prioritizing and making time work for me. She was very captivating and entertaining – useful and extremely helpful information and tips to get started!"

-Jessica Reynolds, Marketing Director, Boerne Drug Company


"It was so entertaining while being informative! The time flew!"

-Bridget Peck, Vice President of Audit & Compliance, Platte Valley Bank, Scottsbluff, NE



"Thanks so much for your participation with our conference.  It was a huge hit!"

-Gillian Larson, Survivor: Gabon Contestant, Motivational Speaker and Creator of Reality Rally


"Before Helene’s keynote at the APDO Conference in London, I felt overwhelmed – unclear about what and how to prioritize. I now have some concrete strategies to implement and ideas to follow up. I have been inspired to invest more time in my business. Helene gave clear and inspiring advice!"

-Hannah Young, Revive Your Space, London, England


"You are a true angel and a blessing to Texas Business Women!! Thank you for your generous spirit and giving heart.

I wish I had taken more time at the conference to spend with you and thank you for the presentation and ideas - I have incorporated several of the techniques into my routine already....I'm discovering so much about myself and habits. I'm thankful for what I've gained from your knowledge and experience."

Doris Slay-Barber, President, Texas Business Women, Inc.



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