The Great Escape

A Vacation Planner for Busy People Who Want to Take a Real Break from Work & Life

• without feeling frazzled when you arrive at your destination
• without feeling tethered to devices while you're gone
• without feeling drained when you return home

Whether you’re leaving town for one day, one week, one month, or one year, experience the feeling of true relaxation, and be able to return to work without dread. While you can use the information in this book to help you prepare for work-related trips, the ultimate goal of this book is to help you experience smooth sailing on your personal journeys.


"The Great Escape is a wonderful how-to guide for leaving work behind. It’s full of tips – all of those “little details” - that can be forgotten in the rush to leave town. The format makes it easy to find any recommendation you might need for less stressful travel."

 - David E. W. Price, II, Secrétaire Général du Comité des Jumelages et Relations Internationales de la Ville d'Avignon and contributor to Rick Steves France and Rick Steves Provence


How will this travel planner help you make your great escapes?

Sneak a peak below!


"The Great Escape is a really great book. Very interesting stories. Tons of useful info.

I think this should help a lot of people!"

 - Jennifer Conder, graphic designer

Part 1: Escape from Work

1  Do This as Soon as You Decide to Go on Vacation

2  Do This in the Weeks Leading up to Your Departure

3  So You’re a Little Anxious about Completely Unplugging, Ay?

4  All In or Ease In?

5  How to Re-Enter Work

Part 2: Escape from Home

6  Personal and House Prep

7  Traveling with (or without) Children, Pets, or Anyone with a Medical Condition

8  Set Your Travel Budget

9  Determine Your Travel Goals and Style

10  Secure Your Travel Documents

11  Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Traveler’s Checks…Oh My!

12  Decide on Travel Insurance


“I’ve read a lot of travel books, but yours stands out. You have as much story-telling as advice-giving. It’s compelling, and you give practical advice. 

I have the travel bug real bad now! And I also want a glass of wine.”

 - Mary E. Howell, Copy Editor


“I was excited yet nervous about my first trip to Europe. As a small-business owner, I was particularly concerned about how I would put my company on ‘autopilot’ for two weeks. The Great Escape quickly turned into my field manual. I put Helene Segura’s tips into place, took a deep breath and left all my worries back in the States while I enjoyed the sights, sounds and tastes of Europe! When I got back, my clients were all smiles and we jumped back into their projects without a hitch. I had an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience thanks to The Great Escape!”


- Derek Hart, Creative Director at Get the Gigs

Part 3: Escape from Travel Drama

13  What Does Travel Planning Look Like?

14  Create Your Daily Itinerary

15  Choose Your Accommodations

16  Choose Your Transportation

17  How to Pack

18  Supplies You Might Need

19  Communication on the Road

20  Security and Safety

21  Enjoying Your Destination

22  Photographing Your Adventures

23  Common Travel Hiccups and How to Deal with Them

24  General Travel Tips

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