Time Management Revolution – Productivity Tips for Professionals on the Go

Life is too short to be working ourselves into frazzled stress balls! It's time to improve personal efficiency in order to lower stress levels and bring peace to your life.

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  • Time management planner templates

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Professionals across the country lose hours each day because of

  • Distractions
  • Poor concentration
  • Overwhelming to-do lists
  • Interruptions
  • Procrastination

That lost productivity costs U.S. companies over $134 billion each year!
Are you ready for a productivity keynote or seminar that will improve your organization’s time management exponentially and gain back $6,000,000 in lost time?
Productivity expert, author, and time management keynote speaker Helene Segura is the one who will do that for you!

Save Time. Increase Revenue. Reduce Stress.

Give your employees or conference attendees these priceless resources:

    • time management strategies that will shave off at least two hours of lost time per day
    • easy-to-implement productivity tools that will save time and lower stress levels
    • common sense approaches that will improve morale and bring a sense of peace - which lower your turnover and healthcare costs
    • sustainable time management practices that will increase revenue

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If you need a time management keynote speaker who will deliver big time ROI at your next conference or meeting, check Helene Segura's availability.


"Helene is super professional, organized, and reliable. We are very glad we booked her!"

Allison Dumas, Program Committee, CFN Participants Conference, New Orleans, LA

"I found I was really surprised by the pitfalls of being a mega multi-tasker. I have started making a running list of everything that I need to get done and crossing them off one by one. Instead of trying to do multiple things at once and feeling like I never accomplish anything. I have found sticking to one task at a time, I get it done faster, and seeing my list get red lines through items, makes me realize I am accomplishing more than I gave myself credit for."

Leah Munoz, CFO/KL MGR, Nickey Petroleum, CFN Participant Conference, New Orleans, LA