Plug your time leaks!

When you work in the insurance industry, it’s vital to maintain a balance between bringing in new business, meeting insurance mandates and requirements, satisfying company goals or benchmarks, and providing outstanding customer service to current clients.

It can be tough to manage all of that if you’re not working at optimal productivity levels.

These time management skills can take you to new levels of productivity:

Planning and pivoting your schedule

Developing and leading productive meetings

Managing interruptions

Saying no to requests without using the word "no"

Taming email and instant messaging

If your team wants to do more in less time (and increase profit!),

My experience in the insurance industry started at the age of 16 when I clerked in a P&C broker’s office after school and during the summer. While working in banking in high school and college, insurance management was a part of the wealth management portfolios administered in the departments I worked. As an adult, my experience went beyond studying declaration pages and policies when my husband and I invested in real estate. We had to become familiar with the various insurances involved with property purchases and sales, structure purchases and sales, and construction.

Since starting my business in 2006, I’ve consulted, coached and presented time management keynotes and seminars to insurance agents and professionals in the insurance industry, including specialties such as:




Surety Bond


If you want to work with a consultant, coach, keynote speaker and seminar presenter who not only has experience in the insurance industry but also digs in to learn more about your specific needs for your situation, contact me today.

Streamline your work day. Do more in less time. Lower stress levels. Increase profits.

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