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Time Management Training That Sticks

I’ll be happy to put together a custom proposal for your company, but here are some time management training ideas: *Provide your employees with unlimited access to my productivity assistance via email and phone sessions by retaining me for six to twelve months. *Allow your employees to learn and apply knowledge at my monthly or quarterly onsite follow-on trainings. *Give each one of your employees access to my on-demand webinar series of 43 time management modules. They’ll have access to these content-packed videos 24 hours per day so they can get help any time they need. A facilitator’s guide is available for companies that want to use these webinars for their own in-house training. *Conduct a book study. Distribute one book per employee and assign one chapter per week. A book study facilitator’s guide is available for the group leader in order to make this more meaningful. *Utilize a combination of the above.   There are plenty of ways to support your employees so that they can improve their productivity. What’s in it for you? Your employees will give you the same amount of output (or more!) in less time, which leads to lower stress levels, which leads to reduced absenteeism, which leads to increased retention, which leads to more profit.   Plain and simple.   Contact me today to make it happen.]]>