Using Helene Segura’s Copyrighted Content

Permissions Content in Helene Segura’s books, workshops, handouts, webinars, and podcasts, as well as any written materials – including information on this site – are copyrighted. You may use these materials for your own personal use and learning.   Book Studies Any individual, educational institution or business is welcome to conduct a book study focused on any of Helene Segura’s books. Each individual participant must purchase his/her own copy, or the entity organizing the book study may purchase individual copies to give to attendees. Any copyrighted material (including that of books) may not be copied or reprinted.   Trainings, Workshops, Presentations or Any Type of Adaptation Any quote from Helene Segura’s copyrighted material that is used in a training, workshop or other presentation must be properly cited. Any individuals or entities developing trainings, workshops, materials, or any form of in-person, written or virtual presentations that are based on Helene Segura’s copyrighted materials must apply for licensing permission.   Fees and Payments The licensing and permission fees are based on the purpose and adaptation format(s) used. Payment should be made in the currency of the United States and must be received before permission is granted.   Requests To request permission to adapt materials and/or license materials for use in presentations, please fill out the Permission Request Form. The information that you’ll need to submit includes: *Name of individual requesting permission/licensing *Phone number *Email address *Name of business, educational institution or organization the individual represents *Brief description of entity, including the industry as well as profit or non-profit status *Website of entity *Mailing address of entity *Your proposed use: – Description of format (training, presentation, workshop, handout, booklet, etc.) – Specify content to share and/or adapt – Number of people who will receive the adapted/shared material – Geographic location of recipients   Requests will be processed within ten business days. If permission is granted, the entity will be invoiced the appropriate fee.]]>