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Each of our adventures includes a virtual seminar to help you prepare to leave your work and personal responsibilities behind. You'll be able to decide how plugged in or unplugged you want to be with your people back home.

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As the name implies, the focus of this trip will be savoring delicious, fresh, homemade foods. We'll also visit cultural sites to build up an appetite for the next tasting.

Our Village Italy journey already took place, but I'm leaving it posted as a fabulous memory of an incredible adventure. You can view our photos here.

Our Camino adventure already took place, but I'm leaving it posted as a fond memory of an incredible journey. You can view our photos here.

Note: Check with your tax and/or legal representative to verify which part - if any - qualifies as a tax deductible business expense for your individual situation.

If you've read my book The Great Escape, you know how vital breaks are from work in order to maintain high levels of maximum efficiency and productivity. You also know that I've been traveling for over two decades and have planned quite a few fun adventures.

After numerous requests from clients and friends to put together get-aways for small groups, we beta-tested the idea a few years ago and planned a stay in Provence, France, for a group of family and friends. We had so much fun that we've decided to move forward with the idea, planning a group adventure every other year.

Join us on one of our adventures, or use my vacation planner to put together your very own.

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