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Who Says Time Management Isn't Fun?

Event Planner B: "Do you ever use humor?"

I was requested by my fellow professional speakers in NSA Austin to perform a 6-minute story related to teamwork. I presented an introductory story to a segment I deliver on productivity and teamwork. Speakers can be a tough crowd, but it sounds like they enjoyed it. What do you think?

Meeting Planner X: "Don’t you ever rah-rah and rev up the audience?"

The audience had just sat through two hours of being read policies and procedures and were not going to be given a break before my segment. Wake 'em up!

Human Resources Director: "Time Management is a soft skill."

While this "movie trailer" is mean to be humorous, let's be frank. I'd say there's nothing soft about losing thousands of dollars per year to lost productivity.


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Note: The following are from public events. Private custom trainings are not shared because of the proprietary information discussed during those sessions.

Keynote & Workshop Excerpts

Implement Structure and Flow - In order to improve productivity, you must have routines, but also be able to modify and adapt. Your time management is affected by your decisions and reactions.

In these excerpts from events for independent sales consultants (first half) and education directors (second half), you'll see how simple it is to control your time.

What life experiences have you had that affect how you view time? PSA London's request: Keynote - storytelling that incorporates three main time management strategies.

Let's discuss why we feel overwhelmed and how getting organized can relieve our stress. Excerpted from: "3 Keys for Getting & Staying Organized." 

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