Dolce Far Niente - Hidden Gems - Villages in Italy

June 13 - 20, 2022

Italians have a saying...dolce far niente...the sweetness of doing nothing. If you'd like to experience the sweetness of doing nothing, like enjoying delectable Italian food and wine or meandering through centuries-old villages, you're in for a treat!

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*8 days, 7 nights

*Begin and end in Florence

*In between, experience beautiful villages in Tuscany and Chianti.

*The virtual seminar to prepare you to leave work and home responsibilities behind will begin in January 2022 for early bird registrants and in March 2022 for standard registrants.

Why villages in Italy?

When my husband and I visited Italy back in 2009, we decided not to rent a car because 1) we didn't want to argue about directions, 2) we'd heard about "crazy" Italian drivers and didn't want to experience any firsthand (it turns out they're not any crazier than some American drivers, by the way) and 3) we didn't want to draw straws to see who would get to enjoy wine and who would have to stay sober to drive.

We looked into taking a train or bus to some of the beautiful villages we'd read about (and seen in movies!), but the ones that aren't packed with tourists are the ones that aren't serviced by public transportation.

We decided to put this trip together because we know there are others out there like us who want to mosey around for an afternoon and discover hidden gems in an Italian village, but who don't want to worry about transportation or finding accommodations with air conditioning and private bathrooms (neither of which is standard in village Italy!).


What is the overall plan for this adventure?


A bus full of dozens of people doesn't sound like a fun way to visit quaint villages, so our group will be limited to 14 people.

We don't want to pick up and move to a different location every single night, so we'll stay in the same accommodations for two nights at a time. When it's time to move to a new village, we'll stop by a couple of others for a quick peek along the way.

There will be a few planned activities, and you'll have plenty of independent adventure time. There is no tour guide. Think of this as tagging along with folks who have found a ride around Tuscany and Chianti.

Breakfast will be provided each morning. A portion of your lunches and dinners will be included. This will give you the chance to explore on your own and not be tied to the group every step of the way.

The most complicated part of planning this trip will be done for you - the transportation and accommodations arrangements. On most days, your toughest decisions will be: "Do you want to meander down the street to the left or the right?" or "Red or white wine?"

Note: Check with your tax and/or legal representative to verify which part - if any - qualifies as a tax deductible business expense for your individual situation.

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