What are these logos in the footer of each page?

LivingOrder San Antonio is the official name of my company. This is why my social media “call sign” is LivingOrderSA. When I started to grow the speaking portion of my business, I was told that having a localized business name (especially one that wasn’t located on the east or west coast) wouldn’t be good for drawing in a national audience, so I moved my business name to the footer area.  nsa_member_logo3-288x217-National-Speakers-AssociationI’m a proud member of the National Speakers Association. In order to be accepted, you must have presented a minimum of 20 speaking engagements in the 12 months prior to applying. This association provides educational support and training for professional speakers around the world.    Board of Certification for Professional OrganizersBack in 2006 when I first went into business, “Time Management Consultant” wasn’t a known term yet. So I started my business in a growing industry – professional organizing – which would allow me to follow my passion, which is teaching people how to live more peaceful personal and work lives by becoming more organized and more productive. I’m very proud of this CPO credential because it was very difficult to achieve, which is why fewer than 400 productivity and organizing consultants in the world have it. In order to qualify to sit for the rigorous exam, you must have acquired at least 1500 hours of paid consulting experience in only three years prior to application. And then you must past the standardized exam. I’ve been board-certified since 2009. My certification status is updated here.]]>