What should meeting planners expect?

  • I will pick your brain. Why is this valuable to you? Because this is how I find out how to tailor my keynote or workshop and make it exactly what your association members or employees need to learn in order to improve their time management, lower their stress levels and increase your revenue!
  • The strategies and tactics I present will save each attendee two hours of lost time per day. An attendee earning $50,000 per year will save $12,500 per year in productivity!
  • If you have 15 attendees, they’ll save a combined $187,500 in lost time!
  • If you have 100 attendees, they’ll save a combined $1,250,000 in lost productivity!
  • Each attendee will receive a Productivity Kickstarter Kit via email the day after the event so they can begin implementation immediately.
  • If you choose, there are books, videos or webinars that can be used as “after care” so that the learning continues well beyond this one session. If your attendees continue to practice the strategies and tactics, that’s a savings of $1.25 million the first year and $1.25 million the second year and…millions of dollars in lost productivity will be recovered!
  • Value: millions of dollars
  • There are also intangible benefits that cannot be easily measured:
    • Your employees or attendees will feel valued because you’re providing information to help them make life easier.
    • They’ll have lowered stress levels.
    • This improves morale.
    • Value: priceless
    These benefits can be measured:
    • Lower absentee rate from being less stressed
    • Lower turn-over costs from being less stressed
    • Happier, productive workers = the same or more revenue in less time
    • Value: potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars
      And what about before the event? Do you need help attracting attendees to your conference or revving up your employees about attending this meeting? Included in any contract I sign is my help – if you’d like – in promoting your event via my social media channels.
    • Value: hundreds to thousands of dollars more in event registration fees, plus national publicity for your company or organization
          Occasionally I have the pleasure of working with new event and meeting planners – or smaller companies who’ve never invested in a high quality training – who will utter something like, “You’re only going to be here for two hours. Why do you charge so much?!?!?” You’re new and excited about setting up the best workshop, training or keynote possible, but you’ve never worked with nationally known speakers before. No problem! Here’s a brief tutorial for you. Speakers typically charge a flat day rate which covers: * Time spent via phone or email understanding your company background, company culture, and training objectives, then creating a proposal for you (up to two hours) * Time spent via phone or email planning the specific goals and needs for your group (up to two hours) * Time spent via phone or email with you planning the logistics for the event (up to one hour) * Preparation of a customized workshop, training or keynote for your group (approximately three hours for every fifteen minutes of presentation time, so a 90-minute workshop takes roughly 18 hours to prepare). The shorter the presentation, the more time it takes to develop. * Preparation of customized handouts for your group (approximately one hour per page developed) * Resources provided to attendees (Often this consists of information or tools that the speaker’s individual consulting clients would have paid to receive.) * Rehearsal time so you get the best possible delivery for your group (length of workshop x 10 rehearsal sessions) * Arrival at least 30 minutes prior for audio and video checks * Presentation time * Remaining after to answer questions * The years of education and experience that gives us the knowledge to bring you a content-filled training or workshop Factor all of this in with the value you receive, and you’ll discover that I don’t charge enough for the benefits you’ll get!   If this is your first time working with a national keynote speaker, here are some other details to be aware of: When a speaker or trainer presents out of their territory, they typically charge their standard day rate no matter how long the engagement is because they will not be able to book other clients for at least the 24-hour period they are traveling and presenting for you.   If you request a copy of the presentation to distribute to your attendees, the speaker’s proposal will include the licensing fee to distribute copyrighted intellectual property. If you want to record the session (video or audio), the proposal will include the licensing fee to distribute copyrighted intellectual property and should specify whether the recordings are for in-house only or if they can be sold by your company or organization. If you have more questions about the process, please do not hesitate to ask! You can also check out our Event Planners Central!   ]]>