Meeting Professionals & Event Professionals

It’s every meeting professional’s or event professional’s dream: Find a keynote speaker who can rock the house and leave attendees saying, “That was awesome! I wish it could’ve been longer!”

As The Inefficiency Assassin™, productivity expert Helene Segura travels the world and not only motivates her audiences, but empowers them with the productivity tools they need to develop leadership, change their work habits, change their lives, and increase revenue for their companies.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to wow your audience with a keynote speaker who:

  • has been developing and teaching time management strategies for more than twenty years
  • is a trusted time management consultant for businesses, conferences and the media
  • can turn boring neuroscience and brain hacks into fun
  • is an expert in her field with only one focus: time management

I look forward to working with you!

I realize that every company and organization has a different culture, but there are many details that remain constant no matter what your industry is and where you’re located. Don’t let these documents scare you. I’m soooooooooo not a diva, but I am all about saving you time and making everyone involved look professional and at the top of their game, so here you go….

Just a few of the audiences that I've gotten great results for:

Employees who are stressed out at work and tired of spinning their wheels are another key audience.

Professionals on the go soak this stuff up!


independent sales consultants


business owners

franchise owners



insurance industry / insurance agents

direct sales industry

managers and directors


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