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Do you want to live life to the fullest?

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My life revolves around trying new wine and experimenting with food recipes from around the world. Making time for these hobbies as well as my family and my pups are my priorities in life, which is why I have such a structured work schedule.

I love adventure. Every summer we travel for three weeks, completely unplugged. We journey off the beaten path to “non-normal” destinations like Santiago, Spain, and Mostar, Bosnia. What I learn about people, cultures, and political and ethnic divisions around the world helps me relate to people and become a better teacher of behavioral modifications.

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I was born and raised in Los Angeles and was known for my sports prowess (4 varsity sports my senior year of high school) - not my smarts. I was the kid in AP class who had to study her tail off in order to make decent grades. I had my brainiac friends, jock friends, and thug friends. This mixture was my introduction to figuring out different types of people in order to get along with them.

I grew up a tomboy, rarely wearing dresses or make up. I preferred cleats and a shaved head. As an adult, I watch Aggie Football every Saturday and the Dallas Cowboys every Sunday. I’ve only recently learned about girly-ness, and I’m still learning. My hair and make-up look good in my headshots because I paid someone to do it for me on picture day. I’ll probably have a not-so-great hair day when I arrive at your conference.

After graduating from high school, I made the crazy move to “cow town” in order to attend Texas A&M University, where between my extra-curricular activities and what I perceived as my lack of smarts, I struggled to make grades. I told my parents during the first semester that I wasn’t moving back to L.A. because I loved the laid back pace. I eventually settled in San Antonio - which to me is the most relaxed large city I’d ever visited - and became a teacher.

It was not until I started studying brain research in grad school that the light bulb came on, and I figured out how to process new information in a way I could remember it and make adjustments in my routines as necessary. An easier way to learn and modify behavior is what I taught to my high school students in the first half of my adult life and eventually to my clients in my current second half.


Looking back on my life thus far, I realize that I’ve always been a teacher: as a babysitter growing up, a Resident Advisor in college, a teacher for 11 years in a Title I school, and an educational consultant.

I’ve also always been an entrepreneur: running the most profitable Kool-Aid stand in my block’s history, selling wood carvings to my neighbors, running a designated driver service in high school, selling Mary Kay, running a rental property business to fund my retirement, and founding an online wedding accessory business after developing a bridal emergency kit.

Finally, those two worlds of teaching and entrepreneurialism merged in 2006, when I became a productivity consultant. One focus. One goal. Success. Happiness.

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I’m blessed to be able to share my passion for helping others by teaching employees, entrepreneurs, independent consultants and educators how to run their days more efficiently so they can have peace in their lives.

And time for travel, wine and good food. And learning how to ride a motorcycle. It’s on my bucket list! What’s on yours?

Do you want to get started living your life to the fullest?

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