Have you or your colleagues ever muttered these words:

“I ran myself ragged, but I still got nothing done today!”


“I wish I had more time in the day!”

You need to be able to make split-second decisions about your priorities and actually cross off items from your to-do list -

instead of just transferring tasks to the next day and the next and the next….


Company X (I can’t tell you who right here because of confidentiality agreements, but you can check out my public client list here) was having the same issues. Their employees were stressed out and run down – and felt like they never accomplished what they were supposed to, which is totally demoralizing. Together, we fixed them by determining their pain points by way of my investigative assessment, debriefing their current systems, and creating a custom operational plan for their situation. Each person who implemented my recommendations gained back a minimum of 60 minutes per day. (If math isn’t your super power, that’s 20 hours per month!)

Most people think the secret to overcoming their productivity challenges is to work harder or purchase some type of new magical software. But actually, the key is plugging their traitorous time leaks. We dig into the core issues and develop the simplest, most cost-effective solutions.

My passion is to bring peace to people’s lives. I can do this by sharing with you how to:
*slay lost time, which will improve your productivity;
*work as efficiently as humanly possible, which will increase your profits;
*knock out the priorities on your to-do list, which will lower your stress levels.

I entered the time management field because I almost sank into a self-destructive path from my own struggles with balancing everything I needed to do for my job and still have a life outside of it. When I began to teach my colleagues what I’d learned based on my trial and error – as well as my research of psychology, behavioral management and neuroscience – I was told that I should go into business doing this. So I did, back in 2006.

Are you ready to take back time in your life or in your company?

If so, contact me here:

"Helene, we received great reviews from our members regarding your presentation. Some feel in their case it was life changing. Thank you so much for the time you spent with us!"

- Carolyn Hevey, President, FASPA (Florida Association of School Personnel Administrators), Tampa, Florida

"I found I was really surprised by the pitfalls of being a mega multi-tasker. I have started making a running list of everything that I need to get done and crossing them off one by one. Seeing my list get red lines through items, makes me realize I am accomplishing more than I gave myself credit for."

- Leah Munoz, CFO/KL MGR, Nickey Petroleum, CFN Participant Conference, New Orleans, LA

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