Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy has always been:

We do not sell, lease, rent, trade, borrow out or share in any other way any personal information that you’ve shared with us. We fiercely protect your privacy because we wouldn’t want our information shared with anyone else either.

Thanks to the the 2018 standards set by the European data protection law, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we now have to give more details about information that we collect and how it is used. So, here you go:

How did you get in our database?


*If you signed up for a Productivity Kickstarter Kit or a Book Study or to receive Helene’s blog, then you entered your name and email in the sign up form at HeleneSegura.com. If you opted to share any other personal information in the “Manage Your Subscription” area, then you know what information you shared in our communications database, which is housed by a company called iContact.

*If you booked an individual coaching or consulting session with Helene, then your first name, last name, and email address were entered into this communications database.

*If you attended a keynote, workshop or training that Helene presented, and you shared your email address on your feedback form, or your email address was shared with us by the event director, then your first name, last name and email address are in our communications database.

*If you downloaded a webinar from Revizzit (our old host) or Thinkific, you received a one-time email with an invitation to subscribe to our e-newsletter. If you opted not to subscribe, but you were in our database before May 25, 2018, you received a GDPR-required notice.

*If you’re from the San Antonio metro area and subscribed to Helene’s blog or newsletter through her original website, LivingOrderSA.com, then your name and email address are in the same communications database.

How will your information be used?


*The information in our communications database is used to send you a monthly newsletter by email. If you’ve opted to instead receive a quarterly or “special announcements only” newsletter, then you will not receive the e-newsletter monthly. If you opted to not receive the newsletter, but did not unsubscribe from all communications, then you received a GDPR-required notice if you were in the database before May 25, 2018.

*We reserve the right to send out a special notice in addition to the monthly e-newsletter, but that rarely happens since we know you get way too much email anyway. The only time we’ve sent out a special notice is for an invite to one of Helene’s book launch parties and a notice in May of 2018 in order to comply with the GDPR requirements.

*If you have contracted Helene Segura for services, your address and payment information were stored in accounting software, and not in the communications database.

*If you have purchased any of our products online (thank you, by the way!) from retailers like AmazonBarnes and NobleiTunesAudibleAvanoo and so on, you have done so through a third party website because this website is not set up for e-commerce. You’ll need to check with them on their privacy policies.

*Our website has access to Google analytics in order to find out where people come from and what pages they’re visiting. We should look at this data more often, but we don’t. If we’re lucky, we’ll sit down once per year to look at the data. We’d rather spend our time serving whoever does find our website.

*We do not implement the use of cookies. We are fans of any kind of cookies that contain chocolate, but not fans of the digital kind that tracks your moves online.

*We do not use third party applications, platforms or services to find out more about you in order to better market to you. We’re pretty old school; we just use the personal information you’ve shared with us to send you that e-newsletter.

*There is no log-in for this website, so your personal data isn’t stored somewhere within our website, and there are no passwords involved.

*You have the option at the bottom of every e-newsletter to Manage Your Subscription, including completely unsubscribing. (We’ll miss you, but congratulations on perfecting your time management and organization skills!)

If you’re asking yourself what all of this GDPR mumbo-jumbo is, here’s the lowdown:


Europe passed regulations to protect its citizens from marketing tactics and “secret sharing” of their personal data. Our company is based in the United States, but because there are some European citizens in our communications database (they found us online or attended one of Helene’s sessions when she spoke overseas), she’s required to comply with the GDPR. Instead of spending time crafting a beautiful explanation of the legal lingo in terms that we all can understand, we’ll instead opt to share three different articles that do a great job of that:

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3 – from iContact (our e-newsletter provider, where your name and email address are in our (not their) communications database)

Company information:

By the way, the legal name of this company is LO Organizers San Antonio, LLC. We do business as LivingOrder San Antonio.

Our handle on social media is @LivingOrderSA, so that’s what most people call this company.

We are headquartered in South Texas. This is our mailing address:

1140 S. Laredo Street

Suite 830852

San Antonio, TX 78283


Our phone number is +1 210 892 4990.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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