VIP Book & Video Packages for Time Management and Productivity Solutions

As the conference coordinator or meeting planner, part of your job (among the other crazy things you do to make your event rock!) is to book the best speaker possible to deliver the content that your attendees want to hear.

How would you like to deliver more than this?

What if there's a way to not only have an outstanding speaker, but also be able to provide follow up and help your attendees learn the material?

What if your attendees walked away with the tools and support they needed to be successful?

Of course you'd love that! That's why you clicked on the follow-up packages link to get here. Because this isn't just a job for you. You truly care about what people experience. I'd love to help you with that!

Support your people during the event:

Give your attendees my activity booklet. Your logo can be placed on the cover so that the book has your branding. (Bonus: Marketing for you!) They can capture their thoughts during my presentation, plus there are some follow-up exercises for them to complete after they leave. This is so much more helpful than just a copy of PowerPoint slides!

Support your people after the event:

My books are designed to guide an individual as they journey toward improved organization and productivity. Giving your attendees my book to take with them will support them beyond the activity book, and will help them face situations which will arise after they leave your conference.

If you'd like to provide daily support after they leave, then one of these video series is a must-have!

1) The Inefficiency Assassin's Guide to Work Life Balance - Your attendees will receive a 2- to 3-minute daily tip for 30 days, which reinforces everything that I talk about from the stage. This will definitely help them stay on track!


2) The Inefficiency Assassin webinar series - Your attendees will have 24/7 access to 43 modules, totaling 13+ hours of content. These webinars address every known productivity roadblock.


Offering this kind of support and aftercare will have your attendees talking about your event long after they land at their home airports. My books and videos will be a daily reminder that you cared enough to support them after they left.

Go, you!

Contact us to request VIP rates for these follow-up packages!