How to Increase Internet Speed for Video Conferencing

You might have been wondering of late how to increase your internet speed for video conferencing. As most of America has transitioned to work from home as we shelter in place during this COVID-19 crisis, that means we’re all using the internet to communicate for work, school and family connections. If you thought you had a slow internet speed before, you’re probably experiencing even more of that now.

If you have the option of switching internet service providers, you might be able to find relief that way. If that’s the case, you can read my summary of internet service provider options here.

But what if you don’t have the option to switch because breaking your current contract would be too costly or you don’t have any other options in your area or you simply don’t want a stranger in your home right now because many cities are – according to projections – about to hit peak levels of infection?

Here’s a checklist of steps to take to increase internet speed for video conferencing or any other function:

Clean out start up menu at least two days prior to make sure this doesn’t interfere with functionality:
Unnecessary apps/devices at start up

Turn off these devices:
Computer(s) not being used
Printer(s) not being used

Set up Computer Equipment:
Remove unneeded USB devices from ports

If using USB devices for the conference opt for 3.0 over 2.0 (explanation)
Hardwire to internet via ethernet cable
Make sure computer is connected to 5GHz network (and not 2GHz)
Disconnect your computer from Wifi (but remain connected via ethernet)
Close unneeded internet tabs/windows; open only one at a time.
Turn off your phone’s Wifi
Connect audio via phone (landline or cell data – not VOIP – instead of using computer audio; have a fresh battery if using cordless or cell)

Close out non-essential applications:
Temporarily turn off automatic sync and update apps you won’t need for the call like DropBox, QuickBooks, Skype, etc.
Task Manager: close background processes not essential to video conference

Adjust your camera:

Lower the resolution of your video camera (resolution explained here)

Turn WiFi off:
Phones in use by others
Laptops, tablets, computers or other devices in use by others
SMART devices (speakers, appliances, lights, etc.)

Hopefully you can increase internet speed for video conferencing before getting to the last section because this means asking others in your household to disconnect.

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