The Tool Every Home Office Needs


“What is the single most important tool every home office needs?”

A journalist recently posed this question to organizing and productivity experts. This was my response:

The single most important tool every home office needs is a battery backup. APC is a popular brand, but they’re not the only ones: 

If there is any kind of internal or external surge, all of your home office equipment can get fried in an instant. A battery backup has a built-in surge protector to protect all of your electronic equipment.

In the event you lose power, the backup will step in and give you enough power to take your contingency plan steps. For example, if you’re in the middle of an important virtual call, you’ll have the time you need to reschedule the call to a later time or quickly finish up loose ends. If you’re in the middle of creating an important document, nothing will be lost because you’ll have the time to save it.

A battery backup with at least 15 minutes of power for all of your equipment can end up being a lifesaver! It most certainly will allow you to have a functional, comfortable and efficient home office.

Features you’ll want to think about include:

*How many electronic devices do you want to protect?

*Do these devices get power through a plug or USB cable?

*Which battery back-up will provide ample charging points for your needs?

*Do they all have to be on one battery back-up, or can you position multiple battery back-ups throughout your office?

*How much back-up time do you want to have? The battery backup you purchase will depend on the above needs. The more devices you have, the more battery life you’ll need, which means the more powerful a back-up you’ll need. This is why you might consider having multiples. Another option is to plug in your non-essential electronics (think shredder, printer, desk lamp, etc.) to a surge protector strip and save your battery back-up for your must-haves (computer, router, monitor).

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