Book – 30 Tactics Intel – research studies, statistics and articles from the book:

published by New World Library
published by New World Library

Introduction - We learn through repetition:

Chapter 3 – Identify your targets

Chapter 4 – Administer Self Care

    1. Breathing
      1. Breathing – or lack of – affects blood pressure 
      2. Breathing and Your Brain: 5 Reasons to Grab the Controls 
      3. The Science of Breathing 
      4. Debiasing the Mind Through Meditation 
    2. Sleep
      1.  Loss of sleep affects performance 
      2. How much can an extra hour of sleep benefit you? 
      3. WebMD: Power down for better sleep
      4. National Sleep Foundation: Turn off your electronics before bed
      5. iPads can disrupt sleep 
      6. Evening use of light-emitting eReaders negatively affects sleep, circadian timing, and next-morning alertness 
      7. WebMD: foods that affect how you sleep 
    3.  Nutrition
      1. UCLA: Diet, exercise and sleep have the potential to alter our brain health and mental function 
      2. Brain foods: the effects of nutrients on brain function
    4.  Hydration
      1. Psychology Today: Why Your Brain Needs Water
      2. Dehydration affects brain structure and function
    5.  Walking
      1. Walking vs Sitting article 
      2. Walking vs Sitting research
    6. Take Breaks / Go on Vacation
      1. The brain can only take so much 
      2. Workaholism is detrimental to your health 
      3. Why overwork is killing you 
      4. Karoshi–death from overwork: occupational health consequences of Japanese production management 
      5. What’s the point in working yourself to death? 
      6. Take your vacation 
      7. More vacation is the secret

Chapter 6 – Rendezvous: Your Date with Change . . . and Discomfort

Chapter 7 – It’s all in your head: Prevent drowning through structure and flow

Chapter 14 – Set Boundaries in the Digital Age

Chapter 15 – Manage Your Incoming Email

Chapter 18 – Set Up a Simple Filing System That Works Interesting stats about filing and papers:

Chapter 25 – Scheduling for Road Warriors 

Chapter 29 – Facilitate Productive Team Meetings


Situational Solutions:

I Multitask, but I Still Can’t Finish Everything

I Am Constantly Interrupted or Distracted

I Procrastinate . . . a Lot

I May Not Be a Perfectionist, but I Want Everything Just Right

I Have a Tough Time Sleeping


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