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published by New World Library
published by New World Library

Introduction - We learn through repetition: Seattle Pacific University Emma K. Mosse & Christopher Jarrold: Hebb learning, verbal short-term memory, and the acquisition of phonological forms in children 

Chapter 3 – Identify your targets Edwin Locke: Toward a theory of task motivation and incentives Locke, Edwin A.; Shaw, Karyll N.; Saari, Lise M.; Latham, Gary P.: Goal setting and task performance

Chapter 4 – Administer Self Care Harvard Grant Study: Decoding Keys to a Healthy Life


 Breathing – or lack of – affects blood pressure Breathing and Your Brain: 5 Reasons to Grab the Controls The Science of Breathing Debiasing the Mind Through Meditation 


 Loss of sleep affects performance How much can an extra hour of sleep benefit you? WebMD: Power down for better sleep National Sleep Foundation: Turn off your electronics before bed iPads can disrupt sleep Evening use of light-emitting eReaders negatively affects sleep, circadian timing, and next-morning alertness WebMD: foods that affect how you sleep


 UCLA: Diet, exercise and sleep have the potential to alter our brain health and mental function Brain foods: the effects of nutrients on brain function


Psychology Today: Why Your Brain Needs Water Dehydration affects brain structure and function


Walking vs Sitting article Walking vs Sitting research

Take Breaks / Go on Vacation

 The brain can only take so much Workaholism is detrimental to your health Why overwork is killing you Karoshi–death from overwork: occupational health consequences of Japanese production management What’s the point in working yourself to death? Take your vacation More vacation is the secret

Chapter 6 – Rendezvous: Your Date with Change . . . and Discomfort C. DiClemente and J. O. Prochaska: 5 Stages of Change

Chapter 7 – It’s all in your head: Prevent drowning through structure and flow Jeremy Renner on fluidity

Chapter 14 – Set Boundaries in the Digital Age WebMD: How to deal with smart phone addiction Baylor University: findings on “cell phone addiction The invisible addiction: Cell-phone activities and addiction among male and female college students Psychology Today: Nomophobia- fear of being without your smartphone- affects 40% of the population

Chapter 15 – Manage Your Incoming Email We unlock our phones 110 times per day  American Psychological Association: Time loss from switching tasks

Chapter 18 – Set Up a Simple Filing System That Works Interesting stats about filing and papers: NAPO and Que Publishing

Chapter 25 – Scheduling for Road Warriors Customer acquisition vs customer retention 

Chapter 29 – Facilitate Productive Team Meetings Why Successful People Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings Meeting statistics: Verizon and Attentiv Least productive day of the week 

Situational Solutions:

I Multitask, but I Still Can’t Finish Everything The true cost of multi-tasking Shifting Mental Gears Costs Time, Especially When Shifting to Less Familiar Tasks Executive Control of Cognitive Processes in Task Switching Multi-Tasking: men drop by 77%; women drop by 69%Examining the Nature of Fragmented Work     

I Am Constantly Interrupted or Distracted Research articles Temporal factors in mental work: Effects of interrupted activities The Cost of Interrupted Work: More Speed and Stress Dopamine and Smart Phones     

I Procrastinate . . . a Lot Cortisol: Why the stress hormone is public enemy #1 WebMD: Cortisol Adrenal Fatigue Foundation Procrastination: Ten Things To Know Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination After a long delay, psychological science is beginning to understand the complexities of procrastination The Staggering Cost of Procrastination The Costs and Benefits of Dawdling     

I May Not Be a Perfectionist, but I Want Everything Just Right Research articles The Alarming New Research on Perfectionism The Price of Perfectionism 

I Have a Tough Time Sleeping Better Sleep Mayo Clinic: Insomnia


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