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Time Management Keynote Speaker

If your organization or association needs a dynamic keynote speaker who will deliver serious productivity ROI, look no further.

Educational + Inspirational + Motivational =

Transformational experience for your conference participants!

Helene's most requested keynotes include:

Breaking the Time Management Encryption: Liberate Your Productivity Skills from Deep Cover

Participants will discover how to:

  • Use mind control tradecraft to harness time
  • Create a productive calendar, yet make time morph when necessary
  • Recapture two hours per day by applying my CIA method for productivity

Negotiating Time: Manage Your Time Even When Those Around You Put Up Roadblocks

Helene will reveal how to:

  • Create a calendar that will help you negotiate your time with others
  • Communicate with co-workers or employees who keep overbooking you
  • Get your boss to work on your deadlines

The Change Management Process:
How to Get Your Staff to Do What You Need Them to Do

Discover how to:

  • Get your weakest links to understand why they need to change
  • Develop support from your entire team to implement changes
  • Improve productivity exponentially through successful change


ROAD MAP to Get Organized: How to Manage Time in an ADHD World


Helene will reveal how you can:

  • Identify and deal with constant distractions
  • Increase your productivity without having to change who you are
  • Gain back two hours per day by plugging up time leaks

Work-Life Balance: Be a High Performer and Have a Life Outside of Work

Live life on your terms:

  • Re-evaluate your current routines and perspectives
  • Tell your time what to do
  • Be efficient and productive at work
  • “Do it all” in only 24 hours


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