Time Management Tips – Wherever, Whenever

Do you wish that you could get time management tips when it’s convenient for you?

What if you had 24/7 access to time management webinars?

You could watch from home in your pajamas or on the train during your commute, or you could listen to the information while you’re driving in the car.

(Disclaimer: Do not participate in any distracting activity while operating a vehicle or machinery!)

Productivity consultant Helene Segura offers time management e-learning modules packed with strategies and tactics. They range in length from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. They can be watched in any order. Pick and choose based on what’s bothering you the most. You can re-watch modules as often as you’d like.

You can purchase them individually or get the bundle at a discounted price.

Browse the modules list below or visit the webinar selection by clicking here.

Part 1. Create Clarity

Mind Management Is the Key to Time Management

       Module 1. It’s All in Your Head: End the Overwhelm by                                                        Adjusting Your Mind-Set
       Module 2. Capture Your Priorities
       Module 3. Identify Your Targets
       Module 4. Administer Self-Care
       Module 5. Reflect with Power
       Module 6. Rendezvous: Your Date with Change . . .and                                                         Discomfort

Part 2. Implement Structure and Flow

Support Your Time Management Revolution by Controlling These Five Key Elements of Your Workday

 Module 7. It’s All in Your Head: Prevent Drowning through Structure and Flow

Assignment and Task Completion

       Module 8. Manage Long-Term Projects with Mega-efficiency
       Module 9. Get It All Done in 24 Hours: Turn To-Do Lists into                                               Done Lists
        Module 10. Set Reminders, and Never Forget Again

Go-Bag and Work-Space Layout

        Module 11. Set Up and Maintain a Productive Work Space
        Module 12. Dig Out from a Buried Office
        Module 13. Create a Go-Bag and Mobile Office for Road                                                        Warriors


Electronic Communication

        Module 14. Set Boundaries in the Digital Age
        Module 15. Manage Your Incoming Email
        Module 16. Dig Out from a Flooded Inbox
        Module 17. Utilize the Telephone More Efficiently

Notes, Document, and File Management

        Module 18. Set Up a Simple Filing System That Works
        Module 19. Deal with Incoming Daily Paper
        Module 20. Take Notes Anytime, Anywhere — and Never                                                       Lose Them


Time Protection

                                                                                   Module 21. Know Where Your Time Goes, So That You Can                                                                                                                                                                                         Tell Your Time What to Do
                                                                                   Module 22. Schedule around Your Personal Priorities and                                                                                                                                                                                            Targets
                                                                                   Module 23. Determine Your High-Value Work Responsibilities
                                                                                   Module 24. Schedule around Your Work Priorities and Targets
                                                                                   Module 25. Scheduling for Road Warriors

Part 3. Assemble Your Team

Life and Work Are Not Solo Missions

        Module 26. It’s All in Your Head: It Takes a Village
        Module 27. Assemble Your Personal Team
        Module 28. Assemble Your Work Team
        Module 29. Facilitate Productive Team Meetings
        Module 30. Delegate the Right Stuff to the Right People

Part 4. Situational Solutions

        Module 31. I Multitask, but I Still Can’t Finish Everything
        Module 32. My Brain Is Constantly in Overdrive
        Module 33. I’ve Got Brainus Interruptus and Ideas Overload
        Module 34. I Am Constantly Interrupted or Distracted (aka                                                     How to Minimize Interruptions at Work)
        Module 35. When Crap Happens, I Go into a Tailspin
        Module 36. I Procrastinate . . . a Lot
        Module 37. I May Not Be a Perfectionist, but I Want                                                              Everything Just Right
        Module 38. I Have a Tough Time Sleeping
        Module 39. I Often Am Late or Miss Appointments
        Module 40. I Often Let Great Opportunities Turn into Big                                                       Stress
        Module 41. I Have to Drop Everything When My Clients Call                                                Me in Crisis
        Module 42. I’d Love to Control My Time, but I Don’t Know                                                    What to Say to People
        Module 43. I Never Stick to My Time Management Plan