Teachers – Favorite Movies

Dead Poets Society My all-time favorite…. In high school, my senior English class ditched school to watch this movie together.

Stand & Deliver What Jaime Escalante and his students accomplished is incredible!

Chalk Fabulous mockumentary co-written and co-produced by a former teacher. This is what teaching is really like!

Waiting for “Superman” This documentary will open your eyes to the challenges of education. (See my blog post inspired by the movie.)

Brooklyn Castle Learning doesn’t come from reading, writing, and arithmetic alone.

The Ron Clark Story Ron is a tremendous teacher. His books can be a great help to you as well.

Freedom Writers Even if you’re not an English teacher, you’ll be inspired.

Dangerous Minds Anyone can learn. Truly.

The Great Debators Most teacher movies are about secondary students. Besides serving as a reminder about history, this movie is about a college professor and his students.

Mr. Holland’s Opus Long live performing arts teachers!

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