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Help your attendees win back over 60 work days each year!

(That's what happens when they apply Helene Segura's time management strategies and slice off hours per day of lost time!)

Popular 30- to 90-Minute Keynotes from The Inefficiency AssassinTM include:

The Inefficiency Assassin's Guide to Productivity: How the CIA Will Transform You into a Time Management Super Agent

You'll learn how to:

Use mind control tradecraft to harness time

Create a productive calendar, yet make time morph when necessary

Recapture two hours per day by applying Helene's CIA method for productivity

ROAD MAP to Get Organized: How to Manage Time in an ADHD World

You’ll learn how to:

Identify and deal with constant distractions

Increase your productivity without having to change who you are

Gain back two hours per day by plugging up time leaks

How Should You Really Use Your Time? The 5 Keys to Kick Chaos to the Curb!™

You’ll learn how to:

Set up and maintain a productive work space

Create a file system that actually works

Prevent electronic communications from overtaking your work/personal life

Turn to-do's into ta-done's

Win back two hours per day by troubleshooting “time suck”

Work-Life Balance: Be a High Performer and Have a Life Outside of Work

You’ll learn how to:

Re-evaluate your current routines and perspectives

Tell your time what to do

Be efficient and productive at work

Live life on your terms

“Do it all” in only 24 hours

Depending on your company's needs, we can provide downloadable resources, handouts, follow-up and aftercare to ensure that learning and implementation happen beyond just the day of your event!

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Time management expert Helene Segura is known for her thought-provoking, yet entertaining time management keynotes and seminars that teach practical productivity tools. Helene delivers an experience that resonates deeply with audience members and inspires change. In fact, Helene Segura has been a sought-after keynote motivational speaker and has spoken to thousands of people in various industries. She's helped her audiences and clients find the road back to personal efficiency and increased productivity.

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