Time Management Strategies – Why is this topic so important?

You already read on the keynotes page how leadership development and the change management process can’t happen unless everyone in the organization has the time management skills and mindset to make implementation possible.

You already read on the home page how time management strategies can save a company with 100 employees over $6,000,000.

But maybe leadership, change, and money aren’t important to you. Maybe health is. Consider this example:

An employee for a large bank was handed the case load each time one of his colleagues resigned. His colleagues were never replaced. And his other work was never farmed out. It was just piled on and piled on. He asked his supervisors for help. They said their hands were tied. He begged for help. They told him that he had to do more with less…just like everyone else.

Fast-forward to one year later. The gentleman was putting in extremely long, hectic hours trying to get four employees’ worth of work done. He developed high blood pressure and heart problems. The stress he was experiencing was causing his body to malfunction. Finally, his cardiologist gave him an ultimatum:

“Stop working or die!”

He filed for disability. His employer laughed it off. First they said he wasn’t disabled. Then they told him that they were not responsible for his health problems. The company denied his claim. Upon appeal, an independent board reviewed the change in work load, the employee’s requests for help, as well as his medical records. The appeals board ruled that his employer was 100% responsible for his inability to work.

Today, this man is still on medication, but his health has improved greatly. Since he’s on disability, he cannot work. Instead, he focuses on relaxation, which includes spending time with his wife and granddaughter.

His employer was required to pay all of his legal fees and is required to pay 100% of his disability benefits until he’s of retirement age…which is in six more years.

They learned their lesson. They hired five employees to replace him.

Don’t be like that employer. Help your employees to do more with less by giving them the resources to do so. Time management training is an investment in your employees or conference attendees. By giving them the tools to improve their performance, you’ll be gifting them with less stress and more opportunities in their career because of their improved performance levels. And companies will increase their profits because of this improved performance…and not having to pay court costs and disability benefits.

Maybe it isn’t all about money. But in the end, all business is.

Save Time. Increase Revenue. Reduce Stress.

A World-Renowned Motivational Speaker

When it comes to employee or group motivation, you need to hire someone with fire and intensity. Someone who’s not only able to deliver practical knowledge, but also offer their audience an extraordinary, entertaining experience.

Motivational speaker Helene Segura is that someone. Known for her quality content and knowledge of practical productivity tools, Helene delivers an experience that resonates deep with audience members and inspires change. In fact, Helene Segura has been a sought-after keynote motivational speaker since 2004. She has spoken to thousands of people in various industries and helped many find the road back to personal efficiency.

Helene Segura’s presentations feature topics such as time management, life reorganization, personal productivity, and stress management. By sharing her own life experiences, utilizing her powerhouse skill set, and customizing her talks to your specific group, you can rest assured that Helene will connect with your audience and provide you with an experience much more valuable than you can ever imagine – time management strategies for work and life.

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