Time Management Tip – Get a hacker alarm system

time management keynote speaker tip - prevent hackers

Time Management Tip – Get a hacker alarm system

Hacking is a huge productivity cost because you lose a ton of time and money dealing with the aftermath.

In the past, I wasn’t overly concerned about website hackers because my website doesn’t have a shopping cart, and I don’t host a membership module that stores client names, email addresses and other personal information. A hacker would have absolutely no interest in my time management keynote speaker website, right?

W R O N G ! 

There are hackers who steal your private information so they can steal your money and/or identity. There are political hackers who simply want to wreak havoc by commandeering websites and showing that they can stick it to you. But there’s another set of hackers out there who are the digital equivalent of money launderers. They pick out unsuspecting websites, break into the back end, and hide code on your web pages. This code can be files that they’ve stolen and are hiding until they’re sold on the black market; back-links to their websites so they can increase their SEO and, therefore, visits to their websites; or hidden malicious code for a cyber attack…and you will get the blame because the evil would be traced back to your website, not theirs.

So, what would hackers want with my time management keynote speaker website??

I know all of this because my website was hacked by Ukrainian perpetrators. I received a tutorial about cyber criminals when I whined, “Why me?!” They planted files to hide until they could offload them to another site. Fortunately, my website team, (Incite Digital Marketing) was able to figure out what was happening, clean it out, and put an “alarm system” on my website so they’d be alerted if it happened again. Which it did. And my web guys caught it instantly, and wiped it out.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as 100% prevention – only 100% catching them as soon as possible after the fact. But you can upgrade packages with your web company so they can monitor your website’s security and make repairs, as needed. It’s like car insurance. You hate to add on one more expense, but if something happens and you’re not protected, it could turn into a huge time loss and financial disaster. A plumbing company that I know of had to spend $3500 to trace the illegal activity and patch up their website after hackers hit them. They also lost time stressing about it.

Make sure you’ve got a website team with a hacker alarm system. You’ll increase your productivity because you won’t lose time or money dealing with miserable hackers.


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