Five Reasons Why It’s Madness not to Meditate

I’d like to introduce you to Tom Evans, a colleague of mine in the UK. He and I both love managing time, as well as helping others tame their clocks. Why meditate? We both believe that slowing down is the key to productivity, so I asked him to share a piece about meditation:

Five Reasons Why It’s Madness not to Meditate

by Tom Evans

meditate-Tom Evans - The Zone ShowIn my mid-40’s, I was a bit stressed out and looking frazzled while both managing a creative team and having somehow been made chief salesperson with a sales target. Someone suggested that I would benefit from meditating. My original reaction was twofold. Firstly, that I was a busy guy and it was a waste of time so I couldn’t possibly fit it into my schedule. Secondly, there would be no way I could make my over-active mind go quiet. I found someone who taught me some simple ways to quieten what I’ve since learned is referred to as the ‘Monkey Mind’.

Reason #1 : You Have Better Days

I quickly found out that on days when I didn’t meditate, I had a much worse day. When I spent a little time either formally meditating, or just walking the dogs in the morning, I found my days ran much more smoothly. I would arrive everywhere on time and people would show up just at the right time. My sales targets seemed to get reached by magic with opportunities showing up just when I needed them.

Reason #2 : You Get More Done

The normal human mind can only have one thought at a time. So if you are mulling over a past conversation or thinking about the future, you lose focus on what you are doing right now. Through the regular practice of meditation with your eyes closed, you soon become better at controlling your ‘monkey mind’ when your eyes are open. You also seem to get less interruptions whilst time stretches so you get more done with less of it.

Reason #3 : You Become Luckier

As we can only have one thought at a time, if our mind is raging, we often miss signs and serendipities which are right in front of our nose. A quiet mind allows us to notice opportunities which can help us along. With a little practice, you can seed your meditation with a wish, a desire or a question and find that what you are seeking simply lands at your feet.

Reason #4 : You Live Weller Longer

Regular meditation reduces stress, blood pressure and many other diseases like irritable bowel syndrome. At the same time, meditation produces hormones that promote happiness and vitality. As a result, it is estimated that every minute spent in meditation gets added to our longevity. It also helps us enjoy longer life with an improved state of health.

Reason #5 : It Costs Nothing to Try

The Internet is awash with free resources to help you meditate these days. Meditators, and especially meditation teachers, know that when they give freely, the world is kinder back to them in return. The payback comes in many times over. So, along with many other meditation guides, I have many free meditations available via a free app called Insight Timer.

You will also find a free meditation below:

Tom Evans is an author, host of the Zone Show Podcast and a teacher of practical applications for meditation and mindfulness. He has created many hours of materials that help you get more done with less time, have ideas of the top of your head and awaken to higher levels of human consciousness.


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  1. Hugh Culver on August 22, 2016 at 8:36 am

    I love the line “you become luckier” when you meditate. So true!

    • Helene Segura on August 22, 2016 at 9:41 am

      I agree, Hugh! Tom was right on the nose with that one.

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