Women’s Health Week: A very heavy period

Women’s monthly issues – especially that of a very heavy period – are usually not a hot topic of conversation.

But since Women’s Health Week is coming up May 14 – 20, this seemed like an appropriate time to bring up this subject.

If you’re a man reading this and have never been part of a conversation topic like this, you might actually get disgusted by the details. But for women who have to deal with this kind of stuff, it can feel good to finally talk about it out in the open. Errr, in the open in the cyber world, anyway!

I’ve had quite a few clients and friends open up to me over the past six months about their monthly issues and having a very heavy period. Maybe it’s because we’re all around the same age, so they felt comfortable. Or maybe it’s because they’ve been holding this topic in for so long that they needed to let it out. No matter what the cause was, some fascinating and helpful information was shared about a very heavy period, so I thought I’d pass it along to you in case you deal with these challenges personally or someone who you care deeply about does. (Guys, if you’re still reading this, if you were to solve your lady love’s problem with this information here, you’d score soooooooooo many bonus points!!)

Ready for some really intimate talk? Here we go.

Some women have a very heavy period. I’m not talking heavy as in the pad looks gross each time you use the bathroom every couple of hours. We’re talking about a flow that’s so heavy that if you don’t change out your feminine products at least once per hour, you’ll bleed right through the clothes that you’re wearing.

When your flow is that heavy, you can lose a lot of time constantly going to the bathroom to change, or wash up oopsie spills, or think of excuses to give to your male co-workers when they ask why you go to the bathroom so often. You also spend a lot of time figuring out what to wear so that you can easily sneak your feminine products into your pocket and not have a ginormous bulge somewhere. If you’re losing valuable time, that’s not very productive.

Enter these feminine products for a very heavy period:

Period Panties or Thinx Panties

You don’t need to wear a pad or panty liner or tampon! You just let it flow. You rinse out the panty before washing it in the washing machine, and then hang dry it. According to my client, they even reduce “that smell”. Check ‘em out here.

Diva Cup

The Diva Cup is what it sounds like. It’s a little cup for chicks. You need to change it and wash it out a minimum of every 12 hours. There are two different sizes. You’ll be going green because the cup is reusable. Get details about the Diva Cup here.

Flex Tampon Replacement

One FLEX lasts up to 12 hours. If you have a super heavy flow, you might need to change out every eight hours, which means timing your change-outs before you go to bed. Or you can wear the Thinx panty as a backup. You can take a bath or shower or swim while you have one inserted. You can have sex, too. Because of where it’s positioned, cramps are minimalized. The knock against it is that it can be messy when you take it out, so just make sure you do this over a toilet. Like your period, the FLEX box is delivered monthly. Get the 411 about FLEX here.

If you have tried other products for a very heavy period, feel free to share below in the comments section! And Happy Women’s Health Week!

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