What’s the difference between wrestling and cable news networks?

I was sitting at the airport the other day. I normally travel on weekdays, but on this occasion it was a Saturday morning. I looked up to see what was on the television monitor. The station was tuned to some kind of wrestling show. I’m not talking about high school or college wrestling or Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling. We’re talking some kind of WWE Wrestling or WWF Wrestling. I was surprised that a cable news show wasn’t being displayed, but then I reminded myself that there weren’t business travelers waiting here; it was mainly those on vacation.

I can’t remember the last time I watched one of those matches. I immediately started chuckling while watching the wild hairstyles, feral looks and ridiculous gestures. I even had a flashback to my childhood days, watching Hulk Hogan in his big matches.

As I continued watching the entertaining mess on the screen, I realized that this was almost like watching shows on cable news networks. The blustering, the puffing up, the posturing, the bickering. “I’m right. You’re not. Because I say so.” It was 30 minutes of the same thing over and over.

The only differences I could come up with between wrestling and cable news shows were:

*The attire

On cable news networks, the hosts and interviewers are usually in suits or some kind of business attire. On wrestling shows, the wrestlers wear costumes.

*The blood pressure levels

I know that I’m not the only one who experiences increased blood pressure levels when I overhear people bickering on cable news shows. They argue, they quite often use incorrect or embellished data as support, and they mainly share opinions instead of facts. While watching wrestling, on the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed a brief break from reality while watching the idiocy on the screen.

What you watch affects your mood and emotions. Your mood and emotions affect your productivity. Be sure to save your television viewing for after you’ve completed your necessary tasks for the day – when your productivity levels won’t matter nearly as much.

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