Will You Take Part in National Leave the Office Early Day?

National Leave the Office Early Day was founded by my esteemed colleague, Laura Stack, MBA, CSP, who is known as The Productivity Pro. Yes, there is a process you can go through to establish an official holiday! When you’re super efficient, you’ll have time in your day to take on crazy projects like that!

There are two main reasons why you should want to participate in this holiday:

  1. Shake things up to get re-focused. If you know you’re going to take a half day off from work and want to truly enjoy it, you’ll be motivated to tighten up your efficiency belt. When we start cruising on autopilot and just complete the same ol’ same ol’ – or simply address tasks and issues in the order they were received instead of based on priority – we are not working in our most efficient and productive mode. When you have a fire lit under you or carrot dangling in front of you (or whatever analogy you’d like to insert here), you can use this inspiration to re-engage your productivity muscle in order to prepare to take the break you deserve.
  • Refuel your energy. There are countless studies that show that the human brain and body are not built to work around the clock for days, weeks and months at a time. Even when we leave work “on time,” many of us end up working from home. Some of us set up a workspace – be it camped out on the couch or at the dining room table – while others say they don’t work from home, but mentally exit their home life for minutes or hours at a time to think about work-related topics. Escaping work for a few hours allows our brains and bodies to recharge. Since time management is truly all about mind management, we’re able to give our most critical productivity tool a chance to rest and recover.

National Leave the Office Early Day is June 2nd of every year. If this date falls on a weekend, the holiday should be taken on the nearest weekday. In 2019, this will be Monday, June 3rd.

If you already have an afternoon appointment scheduled on that day, you have three options:

  1. Keep your appointment and take off on a different day.
  2. Reschedule your appointment to a different day so you can take off on June 3rd.
  3. Work on June 3rd and don’t schedule a break on a different day to invest in yourself and your well-being.

What will your choice be?

If the mere mention of leaving work stresses you out because you feel like there’s already too much to do, or the thought of mountains of work waiting for you upon your return doesn’t sound enticing, be sure to check out The Great Escape: A Vacation Planner for Busy People Who Want to Take a Real Break from Work & Life.

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