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A lovely woman who attended my book launch party for The Great Escape asked me for recommendations for things to do in Paris. Here’s the information I sent to her:

“I’ll leave the sites you told me about (Louvre, Orsay, Opera Garnier) off this list. Not sure if you’ve been to or experienced these yet:


Orangerie Museum (if you’re a fan of Monet and Impressionists)

Rue Cler – nice selection of shops for picnic supplies

Picnic in the Tuileries 

Rodin Museum (lovely garden art and wonderful view of the dome of Napoleon’s Tomb and the top of Eiffel, over the shoulder of “The Thinker”)

Napoleon’s Tomb

Picnic at Luxembourg Garden

Pere Lachaise Cemetery (graves of many famous people)

Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore

St Germain area – Cafe de Flore and Les Deux Magots (cafes where Hemingway and Fitzgerald hung out); Cafe Bonaparte (cheaper, less crowded cafe across from quaint St Germain church)

Stroll along the left bank from the Eiffel to Notre Dame

Notre Dame – Have you ever stood at Point Zero? It’s a brass compass on the ground in front of Notre Dame. That used to be the official center of Paris.


Victor Hugo’s house

Picasso Museum

La Cuisine Paris (great French cooking classes for English speakers –

Stroll around Montmartre and the back side of Sacre Coeur

Berthillon ice cream on Ile St Louis

Eiffel Tower (you probably went there already!)

Arc de Triomphe

Galeries Lafayette (you and I touched on this site, but I forgot to mention the rooftop terrace; great view of Paris on a clear day)

Place du Trocadero (the fountains should be cranked up already, so you’ll have an even lovelier view of the Eiffel Tower)

unconventional view of the Eiffel from Trocadero – cafeteria in the  National Maritime Museum (You should be able to enter for free; just say you’re going to eat upstairs at the cafeteria. The food is mediocre, but you’re there for the view. Museum employees eat there, so it’s crowded at noon.) Hmmm…it looks like the museum is closed for renovations, so never mind!

Catacombs – This is quite touristy, but we had fun.

If you have a sweet tooth, try to get into Across from the Louvre. But go at an off-peak time if you don’t have a reservation, otherwise you’ll have a long wait.

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Bon voyage!”

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