How to Get a Refund from American Airlines

On April 18, 2022, American Airlines canceled one leg of a three-leg flight from Florence to Rome, Rome to Dallas, Dallas to San Antonio. The price of the ticket dropped from $1738 to $1220 per person. We were told we’d get a refund for the cancelled flight. Today is August 28, 2022, and our refund request has been denied four times.

You can imagine how ticked off I am that American Airlines owes us $1000+ and refuses to give us a refund. Heck, I’d even take a credit for future flights. But they haven’t even done that. Call me crazy, but this smells of fraud.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who has suffered at the hands of American Airlines. Here’s a round up of helpful recommendations in dealing with trying to get a refund from American Airlines:

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I’ve taken the next step and filed a claim with my travel insurance company. I’m hoping they’ll light a fire with their contact(s) at American Airlines and get the money that way.

I’ll also be moving forward with my next to last resort: making my complaint public on Twitter. I hate to be that person to air dirty laundry on social media, but American Airlines has left me no other choice.

And, if those two steps fail, I’ll be filing a complaint with the Department of Transportation.

Shame on American Airlines for not doing what’s right – both morally and legally.


If you’re wondering what this topic has to do with time management and productivity, that’s simple. People can lose a lot of time trying to navigate the airline’s phone tree and website. They do not make it simple to request a refund, and they certainly don’t make it easy to get one. Therefore, this round-up of recommendations will save you time from having to conduct your own research on this topic. Good luck!





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