Italian Margaritas Recipe

In the past, I’ve shared with you my Judy 25 top shelf margarita recipe, as well as time-saving summer cocktail recipes (Limoncello Spritz and Kir Royale). Now, it’s time for another recipe: Italian margaritas!


This is a slightly modified version of Giada DeLaurentis’s recipe. A client sent me Giada’s video of her recipe demonstration. The challenge we had is that she shared all of the ingredients, but not all of the quantities. So, in sacrificing for the greater good of humanity, my husband and I experimented with the ratios and ingredients and came up with this recipe:


Ingredients for 1 Italian Margarita

2 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice (1-2 lemons)

1 oz blanco / silver tequila

1 oz limoncello

½ TB agave honey



Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.

Add the freshly squeezed lemon juice to the cocktail shaker.

Add tequila.

Add limoncello.

Add agave honey.

Shake six times.

Pour into a (preferably) chilled glass.

Optional when lounging outside in hot weather: Have a couple of ice cubes in the glass, just enough to keep your drink chilled.



Lemons vs Limes – Giada used “a little” lemon juice and “a little” lime juice. Her ratio looked to be 2:1 lemon to lime. We did not care for that flavor combination. Experiment! Figure out which flavor profile suits your palate.

Fresh squeezed vs bottled – I’ll take time-saving shortcuts whenever possible, but not if it sacrifices quality. Go with fresh squeezed. (Think of it as bonus arm exercise!)

Citrus – The amount of juice can vary, so have a few extra fruits on hand to adjust as necessary.

Tequila – The reposado we first tried didn’t pair well. Neither did the anejo. We prefer blanco in this cocktail.

Honey – We attempt to make this drink healthier by using honey, but simple syrup will work as well. Adjust the amount for your preference of sweetness.

Making ahead or large batches – You can squeeze all the juice ahead of time, but don’t add the alcohol until you’re ready to shake and serve. It just doesn’t taste the same.

Why six shakes? – When we learned how to make Judy 25s, that’s the number of shakes we were instructed to use. We thought that was odd, so we experimented with the number of shakes with each batch we made. We don’t know why, but six shakes produced the best flavor.

Cin cin!





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