Time Management Training: Build leaders, implement change, and increase profits

Improve productivity. Increase Revenue. Reduce Stress.

Through Helene Segura’s time management training and keynotes, empower your employees or conference attendees with:

  • time management strategies that will shave off at least two hours of lost time per day
  • easy-to-implement productivity tools that will save time and lower stress levels
  • common sense approaches that will improve morale and bring a sense of peace – which lower your turnover and healthcare costs
  • sustainable time management practices that will increase profits
  • guidance for implementing change
  • knowledge to build leadership

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Helene Segura offers 43 different modules of time management training. Each keynote or training is customized to fit the needs and objectives of the audience. Whether you want a one-hour motivational keynote to inspire your attendees to increase efficiency, or you want a three-hour time management training with step-by-step instructions on how to increase personal productivity during the work day, we can make that happen for you!

The average American worker loses up to three hours per day because of

  • Distractions
  • Interruptions
  • Poor concentration
  • Overwhelming to-do lists


We don’t lose these three hours all at once. Helene calls these time leaks…losing 10 minutes to procrastination here, 5 minutes to an interruption there, 20 minutes to an interruption….All of these leaks add up to lost time.


 Lost time = lost money                    Lost time = more stress                         Lost time = misery 


Busy professionals who are overwhelmed with so much to do (and possibly work longer hours or take work home to try to catch up) end up burning out their brains and bodies. This brain burn out leads to lower performance levels and less than stellar decision-making. This brain and body burn out leads to employees using more sick days. All of this drives down morale and drives up employee health care costs and turnover. All of these negative effects cost companies over $134 billion per year.

Time management training expert Helene Segura incorporates humor (yes, time management can be fun!) in her time management training and keynotes. She applies brain research and teaches overwhelmed professionals on the go how to make better choices with their time and run their days more efficiently. Her audiences learn ways to easily shave off two hours of lost time per day. How valuable is that two hours?

An employee earning $50,000 per year will gain back $12,500 of lost time in one year. Over the course of five years, that one employee can gain back over $60,000 in lost time. If you have 10 employees, that’s $600,000 gained back. 100 employees? That’s $6,000,000 gained back.

Talk about ROI!


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