Productivity Tips – How to focus more


Productivity Tips – How to focus more

Productivity Tips – How to focus more

Carrie rushed out of her house in the morning to drop off her kids at school just in time for the bell. Nothing on her to-do list for the rest of the day went as planned, and she wound up finishing only three of the 10 items on her list. At the end of the day, she stopped by the grocery store. She forgot her reusable bags in the car, and despite having her shopping list in hand, she neglected to pick up two items. Her mind had been scattered in all directions throughout the day, and now she was trying to remember all those things she was sure she had forgotten. There was never a moment of focus. That is not being intentional.


Productivity Tips – Why aren’t we more focused?

The issue isn’t forgetting the bags or the items. That’s a symptom of something else that’s going on. The issue is that the brain’s attention is scattered and lost in a fog from the endless to-do lists and lack of focus.

This is quite typical of many people today, especially women. Women feel the perceived societal pressure of needing to have a successful professional life as well as the perfect home life with everything under control, and doing this all on our own. I use the word “perceived” because we say society is creating this pressure, but it’s not; we put this pressure on ourselves. The easiest fix for chasing this perfection is to hire someone to do everything. Unfortunately, that’s not a realistic option for most folks. So, what can be done instead?

It’s really important that we focus more on the present, be present in the moment, that we’re intentional with everything we do. When we rush around from here to there, our minds get jumbled up with mind clutter and more thoughts of other things we’re supposed to do, which breaks our concentration from the present.


Productivity Tips – The key to focusing more

This might sound counter-intuitive, but we need to take our time in order to save time. Say it with me again, brothers and sisters.

We need to take our time in order to save time.


That means prepping beforehand, reviewing right before the task, being intentional during the task, and reflecting on the process afterwards. Sounds crazy, right? Especially if we’re just talking about a trip to the grocery store. But it needs to happen – with every task we wish to accomplish. This is how to focus more.



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