What can Jay Mohr teach you about time management?

Jay Mohr understands structure and flow. He acts in TV shows and movies. He’s a best-selling author. He travels the country performing stand-up comedy shows. His performance is so awesome that his comedy album, Happy. And A Lot., was nominated for a 2016 GRAMMY. He hosts Jay Mohr Sports on Fox Sports Radio (you can listen via the iHeart Radio app) Monday through Friday from 12:00 – 3:00 PM PT / 2:00 – 5:00 PM CT / 3:00 – 6:00 PM ET. During his show, he’s open about the challenges he’s faced or is stilling facing, including panic attacks, ADD, and sobriety. He’s serious about sports and, of course, drops in the humor. He hosts a weekly podcast called Mohr Stories, which he records in his garage. And he has a family.

When I visited him in studio last week and he found out about my new book, he proudly announced, “I am so good at time management!”

And he is.


How Jay Mohr Rolls

He has a set schedule Monday through Friday, which includes arriving for pre-show planning meetings, hosting the show, then getting home to spend time with his family. This family time is scheduled out, too, based on the different tasks that need to happen.

When he performs a stand-up comedy show out of town, he has a routine for that, too. He flies in the day of the performance, goes comedy-crazy on the stage that evening, then takes the earliest flight home in the morning.

All of this structure and scheduling allows him the time to excel in his career, and also allows him the time to spend with his family. When a new opportunity presents itself, he’ll decide if he needs to flow – move anything around or rearrange his schedule.

When I asked if he’d checked the seat availability chart for his comedy show the next night, he said, “Nah. I don’t have time for things that aren’t important.” He’s going to perform no matter how many people are in the audience, so checking on that chart would give him no value. It wouldn’t support his goals or targets. And that’s why he didn’t bother with it.

The key to living life on your terms is to understand each and every day who you’re living for and what you’re working toward. When you are fully present and aware of these priorities and targets, you’ll make better choices about what to spend your time on. You’ll be able to structure your calendar and schedule so that you can get done everything that is most important to you. And when you make better choices about your time and control what you allow onto your plate, you’ll have the time for unstructured fun as well.

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