Change Management Plan – A Chat with Maureen Anderson

One of my favorite interviewers, Maureen Anderson, host of the show Doing What Works, contacted me about doing an interview related to minimum viable progress and having a change management plan.


To listen to our interview from February 10, 2018, about using a change management plan, click here.

Here are some of our discussion points about the process of change and whether or not a change management plan is necessary:

What is minimum viable progress?

How do we change?

How do you talk people into doing the right things to change?

Does the typical life have enough margin to stop to reflect?

Is stillness beneficial?

When do “eureka moments” happen?

How effective is “screen time”?

What’s a hack for making New Year’s resolutions not seem silly?

Should you make a bunch of changes at one time, or should you focus on just one? What’s a good change management plan?

Do “other forces” get in our way?

The Happiness Project’s Gretchen Ruben says, “Make it easy to do right and hard to do wrong.” How can you do this in your life?

Where do people have pockets of time that were hiding in plain sight?

Why can’t people see what you call “time leaks” on their own?

Do we spend large chunks of time on things we no longer love?

Where do thinking and reflection fit in?

Affirmations – yay or nay?

What is the ROAD MAP to Get Organized about? (

Once you set a goal and reach it, where do you go from there?

How do we deal with the “maintenance” aspect of life?

Should we stay on a plateau? Should we continue to grow? Where do we go from here?

Are we ever going to get to a point where we can coast?




For more info about how to create a change management plan – and other productivity tools and tips to get you “Doing What Works” – from time management keynote speaker Helene Segura, click here.

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