How can you prevent forgetting something that you need to get done? – Time Management Techniques for Your Revolution


Here are more time management techniques for your time management revolution.

Have you ever gone into a sudden panic attack and thought, “Oh my gosh! Was I supposed to do something? Did I have something to do? Did I forget?!?”

We can cost ourselves so much lost time just from worrying. So the best way to help alleviate this is to use a reminder system. Now the key to the reminder system is to make sure you set your reminders before something is due. In other words, you set your reminders for each and every step along the way – for each task you need to complete for your project.

What happens is that we normally set our reminders for when we have something due, and we don’t schedule the time blocks for completing each of the steps onto the calendar. So when a reminder pops up, we’re in the middle of something else. So we just keep on clicking on dismiss, dismiss, dismiss…and before long, we’ve dismissed all the reminders until that something is due.

To help alleviate the worries, it’s very important to utilize a reminder system, and to make sure you block off time on your calendar for working on those reminders.

Do you have any upcoming tasks or projects for which you need to set reminders? When will you get those scheduled?

Whenever you have this system in place, you will definitely be able to make better decisions about how you use your time.


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